What We’ve Done

  • CRM Leader for Retail Capital Markets initiative. Development and implementation of Global Centre of Excellence, Marketing Automation Technologies Research and Development Centre.
  • Multi-year strategic marketing plan for Global 1000 Hospitality Group - CRM strategy, Business Process Engineering, Technology infrastructure.
  • CRM Technology evaluation for international automobile manufacturer.
  • Data Warehouse/ CRM advisor to Tier 1 International Bank.
  • CRM Technology advisor to major Asian wireless carrier.
  • Sr. Advisor to CRM Practice of Big 4 Management Consulting firm.
  • Sr. Advisor to Big 4 Accounting firm (Telecommunications Group). Marketing and implementation of Telecommunications Solutions set.
  • Planning and development of Marketing Technology R&D Centre at leading Canadian university.
  • Marketing/ sales process diagnostic of real estate operations for major international resort operator.
  • CRM strategy review for (2) 800,000+ member Automobile Associations.
  • Customer Transaction analysis for $1 billion+ Canadian retailer.
  • CRM Vision and strategy for regional telecommunications carrier.
  • CRM Business plan for services to major North American sports (NHL, NBA, PGA Tour)
  • CRM vision for international transportation carrier.
  • Framework for Federal Government department for asset review and divestiture.
  • ...
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