What We Think

Our Philosophy - Simplification

CRM can be incredibly complex with numerous stakeholders (direct/ indirect), hugely disruptive initiatives, long and costly projects, etc..





Simplify the CRM Process is our Mission

  • Break things down into more manageable components.
  • Maximise benefits - minimise disruption.
  • Develope a framework for resolving the inevitable problems - both foreseeable and unknown.

Our Approach.

These are much more eloquent than anything we could say.

We don't use just hammers - every problem doesn't look like a nail.

The smart man knows the rules - the wise man knows when to break them. Ancient Japanese saying

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best - the worst always happens.

A key role of a consultant is to ask a lot of questions - some pretty simple and obvious. It's surprising how many times the simplest questions are the hardest to answer.

The mark of a true professional is one who works towards the day, they are obsolete.

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